Microsoft Launches Xbox One Console Streaming for Android Phones

An Xbox program manager has said that now all Xbox One testers from UK and US can try out the new gaming streaming feature. For this, users will be able to use their Android device and Xbox One games Enjoy live streaming. The best thing about this feature is that it works without restriction with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games installed on the Xbox One console.
Users need to have an Android device to get this feature. Microsoft has not yet clarified whether this function will be released for iOS as well. In addition, the upload bandwidth of the Internet must be at least 4.75 Mbps in order to use it.
According to the company, this is better than 9 Mbps.

To enable this feature, network latency must be 128 ms (at least 60 ms) and the setting on the Power Options menu in the Xbox One console must be instant on.
The Android smartphones on which this feature will work, have Android 6.0 installed and support Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth-powered controller will connect the phone and the Xbox.
This feature has just been released for beginner testers, it will be released to all users soon.

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