The famous social media network "Facebook" has once again become a security risk for users who have revealed the "3 million" mobile number associated with the network.

According to reports, the number of Facebook users whose mobile numbers were revealed include "5 million" from the United States, "3 million" from the UK and "5 million" from Vietnam.

The report added that the information was dropped after the problem was revealed.

In April this year, it was revealed that Facebook, through mobile numbers, could be found by consumers everywhere.

Facebook technology leader "Mike Skinner" also said that users were tracked by mobile number and email and got their personal information along the way.

He added that I am sure that Facebook will get personal information from millions of people who are Facebook users, which is why we have decided to turn off this feature now.

But on the other hand, a Facebook spokeswoman says the information is outdated, which was disclosed a year ago when the feature was changed, adding that now that the information has been saved, our There is no evidence that the Facebook users have had an agreement or talked to anyone about the information.

A Facebook spokeswoman says it has begun researching information disclosure.

What's worth noting is that Facebook has been fined multiple times for allegedly revealing personal information, but Facebook has not yet been shown the protection of such concerns by consumers.

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