Advertising and marketing is an important element of the business sector, which is the marketing quest to find the right market for the product being manufactured. From across the country and abroad, the potential for marketing competition varies from country to international level. That is, when businesses are investing, their goal is to make investment products available in the market, presenting them in different ways and ways. An important tool is to advertise domestic products and products in foreign markets in the country. It also discusses efficient data in terms of other topics such as business politics, revenue structure or cost structure, supply factors and supply and demand and market sentiment and stats statistics.

As we know that advertising is very important to attract the power of marketing and to dominate the market, we cannot do proper marketing activities without advertising and advertising. To reach our goal, we have to advertise and market the product. That is, if we have a good marketing system that recognizes our business and products and the delivery of our services to our customers, then marketing helps our business and our business activities go well.

Typically, advertising comes from a Latin word, which means paying attention to something or providing information about products, services and ideas, such as selling things or collaborating to get the following points, Including:

Development features: Things like business planning, pricing and marketing activities are done in the business itself, but the company knows things to promote to its customers in the future. You will find that developing and managing things is not easy.

Principles of promotion (endorsement and promotion) literally mean trying to give an impression, especially in the agency's development market are factors that can alert, encourage, mention, and mention what is in the market. Reporting of the companies that provide the goods for sale plays an important role and influences the feelings, opinions and attitudes of the buyers and calls the development of an organization's information system. The following are common causes.


Direct or indirect sales sell out Of public relations.

Advertising: A well-known organization that introduces ideas, goods and services individually through payment, is known as advertising.

Domestic or indirect sales: Encourage direct selling or multiple prospective buyers to verbalize and sell goods.

Increase in sales: Increased sales are short-term incentives and incentives to ensure the sale and sale of goods or services.

Social Relationships: Public policy means maintaining good company relations, cultivating strong ideas and eliminating bad facts and rumors according to best policy.

The following definitions must be read to be aware of the advertising features and concepts:

 Here's how the American Marketing Association defines advertising: to display ads, ideas, and services in a non-personal or specific way by a reputable agency.

William Stratton's definition of advertising is something like this: After paying for a well-known sponsorship of goods, services and ideas, advertising does not include all activities that are intended to be non-personal, linguistic, and public. Have to do

 Here's how Deutscher describes the ad: Advertising is used to pay for information about goods, services and ideas, to sell or to receive appropriate help.

After analyzing the above definitions, the following characteristics are realized:
Because the media requires time and space for advertising (newspapers, television, radio, magazine, weekly), which is paid for.

Communication is the fastest form of communication in an ad, allowing advertisers to inform hundreds of thousands of potential or potential users in a very short period of time. In addition, it is non-personal to connect a person with another person or with too many people without any personnel.

Can also be used in advertising radio, audio, video, film, television and newspaper.

By advertising, people are demanding to buy things.

This ad is run by a celebrity and its nickname is missing. If the sponsor is not clear, this can lead to confusion and deception in the public.

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